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Мнение Трихолога про МАСЛА для волос

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Бытует мнение, что масла для волос очень полезны от выпадения и восстановления структуры волоса. Но не понятно, как их применять, и как смывать кокосовое масло, которое очень плотное по структуре, и плохо смывается с волос.

На вопрос отвечает врач-трихолог, дерматолог, кандидат мед.наук, Ирина Попова

Найти трихолога для решения своей проблемы я рекомендую по отзывам на этом ресурсе https://goo.gl/7ix6gb


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Hello to everyone! My name is Oksana Terekhova. I'm a beauty-blogger. I'm glad to give you use through this channel by inviting the specialists. Today we continue the section with a trichologist. Very many people peculiarly order oil separately. So they don't understand, that into the finished formulation, except the oil, even if it is professional mean, there are added dimeticone and silicone. They want to avoid it. They order separately coconut oil, broccoli oil, jojoba oil and whatever else..

They take separate ready oil. How to use these separate unfinished correctly? Irina Popova, doctor-trichologist, Candidate of Medical Science. In this case, as we have a great number of aroma zones, that offer ingredients in indiluted condition for mixing. We should believe, that some lessons, taken from webinars,.

That are performed on this subject, or some lessons, taken from Youtube videos, can not definitely replace the whole course of pharmacodynamics of any educating higher educational establishment. That's why it is difficult enough pharmacopoeial structure, that teaches not to mix big molecular, middle molecular and low molecular connections..

At first, they don't mix. Secondary, they can drunk as some conglomerate (jumble, residue), which is insoluble..

It will remain on hair surface. Thirdly, as science always says, before you mix anything, you should cool or warm it. Are you sure, that you do these compositions correctly and they will work right in this case and can be used at target purpose. I'll give you only one example. While mixing cosmetic recepies, a technologist always pays attention to several aspects..

One of them is the main. If we receive usually oil from Ethiopia, what summer was there: rainless or rainy, how the plants behaived, what was the level of processing at that time, and who made it: machines or hand press. If we order oil, which was, actually, prepared, squeezed and received from separate arid regions even..

It can even concern lavender fields in France. It all depends also on temperature terms,.

Where lavender was planted, weather conditions. Accordingly, if it is arid summer the amount of oil in these plants will be reduced and it will be of another quality or more concentrated. Accordingly, the composition, if the recepie is written without mixing of these ingredients,.

Can be absolutely of another viscosity, absolutely another density and concentration with the effect on skin and so on. That's why, if you order amla oil, lens oil, turpentine oil.

And other different oils from different aroma zones and you mix them -.

It is not absolutely a guaranty that you receive remedial effect and achieve the result you suppose to. It is a complete roulette. You should understand, that if we receive compositions from our region, that we all get used to,.

It can be absolutely genetically normal for our skin,.

It can be accepted easily. If we receive exotic oils, you should probably remember about the hair structure of India inhabitants, or hair structure of Spane hillsides, or Congroid or Asian race. The building of hair is absolutely different from our Caucasian type, that, as a matter of principle, is straight and it is thin enough..

That's why the application of heated coconut oil for 12 hours on the head skin doesn't guarantee a result,.

That you wash it out in a week. I would not risk like that. We always talk, that oils, applied on skin, should lead to some effect..

Before making a composition, you should be definitely sure, with what purpose you apply it. Nor recommendation of other people, nor information, received from the Internet,.

Does not give you alive proof of effect, that you can receive..

Everything can be sad. If you take castor oil, apply it on head skin, spray it on hair,.

Nor with emulsification, nor with mythic protein, table spoon of shampoo,.

Mustard mass, calendula tincture or cognac,.

The typical hairdressing compress for us. Well, I'd like to watch anyway, how you will wash out the castor oil. Even application of different ointments, that some dermatologists practise, there sometimes can be absolutely funny recommendation, when our patients can not remove it from head skin or hair shafts -.

To heat kefir or buttermilk from sour milk, apply the compress and only in this case this oil composition can leave your skin. The problem to apply, and then a problem to remove. Two stones, between which there is a river of hair..

How to help and how not to make harm. So, the experimental data says, that different composition becomes successful as a result of experiments. That's why, if you have time, desire and amount of hair.

For experiments - you are welcome. Everything can manage. The next video is about Dimexidum for hair... Does it work from loss of hair or not :) Ok, if it is so effective or at least partially effective, that is very important in our time, why do professional trichologists not prescribe it? As a matter of fact, there exist a great number of similar compositions

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