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Прически для тонких волос самой себе. Ловко! Быстро!

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Всегда хочется быть красивой и ухоженной. А времени катастрофически не хватает...

Выход? Учиться все делать самой. Быстро и красиво.

Я всегда ношу собранные в прическу волосы. и волосы у меня тонкие, блондинистые, не вау, короче :-)

Но и из такого природно-исходного материала можно создавать очень даже приличные прически.

Вы часто спрашиваете у меня как мне это удается?

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Три красивые и доступные в исполнении в формате \"самой себе\".

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Hello, my friends. Tasha Mulyar is here Today is a very special day - I'm going to change my hair color... ... from blond to some other color - I haven't decided yet.

And it's happening mostly through your help.

Many of you have probably seen a video on my channel... ... kind of styling workshop for thin hair Here's the link for those who haven't seen it There are a lot of comments and I'd like to thank you for your empathy.

I got different comments. Some of you are delighted, some say that I've made something out of nothing....

... or just boosted their spirits with my optimism.

While some comments are full of strong criticism.

Social media have both advantages and disadvantages And when you share something it's natural that you are getting not only positive feedback.

That's why I'm trying to treat criticism in a practical way.

So I considered that issue and although I've been blond for like 20 years now.

I feel very comfortable with this color, but I'd like to change myself.

So I'm going to tell you about the process. Stay tuned! I didn't think I'm beautiful until I was 40 I'm sure that a woman... any woman is beautiful... ... if she takes care of herself and found her own style If she knows how to make up properly... ...selects clothes in accordance with fashion trends and her own color type....

... so that everything is in harmony... uses accessories in a right way... ... and is self-confident. If all of that is present and combined, we are all beautiful.

<i>So, what we're doing...</i> We<i> will apply 7.0 to the roots... against your gray hair if you have some...</i>.

<i>That 7.0 will be the main color</i> <i>While 7.77 will be the shading color</i> We<i> will mix 7.0 and 7.77 together and apply that color to the roots</i>.

<i>Then we will take 9.7 for hair ends</i>.

..<i>. and 9.76</i> <i>We'll mix that colors and apply to your hair ends</i> So what kind of result are we expecting? Is it darker roots and lighter ends? <i>Yes, with smooth transition. We will get a warm wheat color</i> Here is the palette - Which dye are we using? Estel? - <i>Yes</i> - So this one is the color, right? - <i>Yes</i> So this one will be the main color. Instead of this main color, which looks unnatural now, we will get a softer one.

- OK, let's try - <i>Everything will be OK, don't worry</i>.

- Is it a "before/after" picture?.

So, the result will be less breaking hair and no need to dye ends, right?.


So, girls, you will see what happens. I hope it will be a wonderful change.

I'm going to test it on myself. If you like it - you can try that, too.

OK, let's do it You should appreciate that, girls. Not every woman will share such images with her subscribers..

But I'm doing that for your good I want you to understand that modern technologies can help us, women, to become more beautiful.

And, following your demands and directions, we decided to fix my eyebrows, too.

I anticipate your questions in comments. Why did I choose Ekaterina... ... instead of some super premium salon I have visited many salons during years of being blond... I live in Moscow and there are plenty of salons around But I'm sure that you shouldn't go to a salon but to the specialist I'm a jewelry designer... ... and people recommend me to each other. So, when I consider to have something done for myself... ... I prefer to follow the recommendations of my friends, the people I trust.

In order to choose a specialist, like Ekaterina She was recommended to me So, let's start with the eyebrows It's a very exciting process. When I was young I used to have "Brezhnev-style" eyebrows.

I never knew what to do with them and did nothing.

But recently I've visited some places and had them plucked. It happened once or twice. And I never tinted them. Then somebody taught me how to tint them.

So you see the result now <i>We will make eyebrow correction with a thread</i> Yes, I've done that before I don't pluck them usually I'm more proficient with jewelry or knitting, ... and video blogging.

Well, it's kind of outstanding feeling.

Only camera prevents me from crying My eyes are getting red. It will be my best video.

A woman has willingly come for beauty.

By the way, not everyone dares to share such things Remember my heroism before writing comments.

- What should I do now? - <i>Stretch your eyelid</i>.

Now we are going to take it off....

We need some visual effects here.

Here comes the magic.

It's kind of unusual dark color It seems like that on wet hair Even if something goes wrong... You cannot spoil the beauty.

At least I have these eyebrows....

... I hope I look better with them <i>We have kind of special mirror here</i>.

OK, girls, now have a look. I have already done the styling I've just left the technician's place. I think the result is pretty good To be honest, it looks very unusual to me But if you stick to one color for the whole life and then change it, ... it gives you kind of very special feeling Maybe I should pick new lipstick and eyeshadow colors now But that's our girly things It's all pleasure, I'm looking forward to that Have another look. Here is the color There's a smooth transition Of course, it will become lighter when I wash my hair... ... and do a hairstyle to myself in a more usual way Thank you for this idea, for being with me It seems like a more refined look now So subscribe to my channel, follow the updates.

And give me some new ideas for my new videos. What would be interesting to you..

Tasha Mulyar was here with you So now it's morning of the next day after dyeing I have washed and done my hair by myself I want to show you that the hair is soft, the color transition is smooth.

Of course, I got a lighter shade after wash As for me, I like to wash my hair the next day after dyeing, to do it in my own way.

Because I know better which style is more comfortable for me.

As you can see, the hair is really soft.

I hope that you, being my stern judges... ... will appreciate my new style. It seems really better to me So, girls, don't be afraid of experiments Life is changing and that's wonderful Today I'm going to make another video. It's about home clothes, just as you requested.

Now I'm wearing a kind of home gown... ... with bird feather pattern. And I'm going to tell you about it today as well So check for my new videos. See you, guys

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